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Soccer Insanity Lite

4.0 ( 1210 ratings )
Sport Giochi Arcade Sport
Sviluppatore Ryan Farrell

Rack up the highest score possible by catching soccer balls in your net as they rain down from the sky with increasing speed and quantity.

Soccer Insanity Lites features:

- Play mode will allow you to play the most awesome game ever created. It also keeps track of your score and your lives as you play. It also has a pause feature that allows you to go back to the main menu, restart the game, or resume playing. In the Lite version of Soccer Insanity you can only play up to 10,000 points. In the full version you can play up to an unlimited amount of points.

- High Sores saves your top five high scores and the total of your top five high scores from play mode.

- Settings allows you to choose between Tilt mode, which allows you to control your net by tilting the device left and right, and Touch mode, which allows you to control your net by pressing the right side of the screen to make it move right and the left side of the screen to make it move left.

- How To Play tells you how many points or lives the different types of soccer balls are worth and how to unlock Super Pro mode. You can only catch soccer balls that give you extra lives and unlock Super Pro mode in the full version of Soccer Insanity.

- Super Pro mode is unlocked by getting your total high scores equal to or higher than 100,000. It starts you off at a level of game play that even the most insane gamers will find challenging. It will also keep track of your super pro high score in the High Scores section.

This game is designed for people of all ages and skill sets. It starts off at a moderate pace and increases to a level of play that will accommodate each individual’s ability.

The Lite version of Soccer Insanity has ads built into the game. The full version of Soccer Insanity does not.

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